Design and operation

R2T-R2V pumps with submerged column and casing are usually provided for the lifting or fluid clean or at least without solid and abrasive particles in suspension; the fluids must not be mechanical and/or chemical agents for the used materials and their temperature must not exceed 50 °C (122 °F).

Special execution: for seawater, for water with sand particles in suspension, for metallurgic water, for  low viscosity and oils and fluids at temperature above 50°C (122 ° F).

These pumps are particularly suitable for civil and industrial plants, irrigation plants, acqueducts, antifire services, a.s.o.

The main advantages of R2T-R2V pumps are:
– SELFPRIMING RUNNIG garanted by submerged pump casing (very important for lifiting with automatic start).
– MOTOR INSTALLATION in dry place.


In closed or at least protected places; the choice of the driving motor must follow the room condition (temperature, damp, heigth a.s.l.).

pompa centrifuga verticale


The vertical pump comprehends three main components: lower casing, column and upper part.

LOWER CASING: comprehends one or more stages including column connection, impellers, stage casings, shaft, suction cover and suction rose to avoid foreign matters of dangerous dimensions to enter.

COLUMN: comprehends flanged pipes, supports and shafts.
The guide supports of the shafts are of the sleeve type with guide bushings lubricated by pumped fluid itself. The line of the shafts comprehends shaft sections, with chromium plated protection sleeves in correspondence of the guide bushings; the shaft sections are connected by rigid couplings.

UPPER PART: comprehends the base plate, the support block, the seal, the top shaft, the motor support and the coupling. In the support block grease lubricated guide and thrust roller bearings are foreseen.
The seal is of the adjustable stuffing box type or mechanical seal.
On the base plate is placed the motor support or the gear transmission.
The pump is connected to the motor by a flexible coupling.

COSTRUCTION: The standard materials for clear water are comprehended in the execution 1; for different fluids the executions 2, 3, 4 and others foreseen.

PUMP IDENTIFICATION: Pump types are identified by a series of letters and numbers as per the following table:


Different construction materials for especially aggressive fluids.
Variation of the delivery inlet and flange size from the standard model.
Variation of the length of the column and dimensions of the base plate compared tostandard model.
Larger passage opening for solid bodies.
Cantilever execution.

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