Our history

SCOPEL POMPE have been designing, producing and retailing (series R2V-R2T, HIS, TAV, XS, LS, PNV) vertical centrifugal pumps and (series PN and L) horizontal pumps, constructed in cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and other specialised materials, for over 40 years. Our pumps can be used for numerous applications: in steelworks, paper works, tanneries, in the nautical sector, for water pipelines and special hydraulic services, for pumping clean and soil liquids.

The company specialises in supplying a wide range of components and spare parts, not only for all pumps of its own production, but also those of Pellizzari, Eletar Simep and other makes. We stock a large supply of components and spare parts which are available for immediate delivery for IVN, IVNS, IVND, R2V, FIS, Q, QS, PU pumps and many others.

Thanks to our handicraft way of working, the company is extremely flexible and capable of satisfying all the specific requirements of our clients, both in terms of construction materials and hydraulic characteristics, and for any personalised solutions.

Scopel Pompe also produces horizontal axis pumps (series PN special), built from heavy duty materials (bronze and Monel K500 steel), principally for use in cooling large nautical diesel engines.


Customer service

We also specialise in the maintenance and repair of centrifugal pumps and water scooping machines, in the reconstruction of damaged and worn out components, to bring the pumps back into their original condition. We deal with every phase of the operation from dismantling to the final inspection and testing.

We have a test centre at our disposal for the inspection and testing of both new and reconditioned pumps. All pumps undergo stringent tests to verify their performance and energy consumption in order to maximise the running costs.

Upon request a certificate can be supplied on completion of the final test.

collaudo elettropompe verticali